Fast and accurate underground mapping

The award winning TerrusM is the best-in-class, ultra-low drift mapping system used for reality capture, GIS or large-scale survey applications. Colourised maps are generated on device as either a .las or .ply format using 4 by 4k, 360 degree colour cameras located about the perimeter of the sensorpack. Whether it be walking or driving, the TerrusM creates rapid large scale maps of challenging and difficult environments. Ensure that maps are on grid using survey control. Take advantage of the WildcatSLAM, best-in-class mapping engine to rapidly acquire large-scale maps at speed ensuring the highest accuracy.

Product Details


Colourised by 360 degree 4k video
Ultra low drift
Versatile and lightweight
Rugged, waterproofed design
Stream maps directly to cloud
Built tough and rugged for harsh environments.
Ultra low drift mapping system. Go further, faster...
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