Rapidly capture large scale pointclouds at the push of a button with the TerrusS & TerrusM SLAM system. 

Your Large Scale Mapping Solution

Change Management 
Survey Every Stage of Construction 
Urban Streetscapes
Road Surfaces 
Large Structures

Light Vehicle Compatible
Backpack for difficult areas  
Vest mount for tight spaces
Upload maps directly to Orbisfuse
Simple post workflow
Full HD Colourised Maps 


Understanding the fast paced nature of the construction industry, AutoMap’s TerrusS has been manufactured for rapid, accurate mobile mapping in any environment. Currently the best in-class SLAM system on the market, the TerrusS provides surveyors with stunning colourised HD pointclouds with extremely high accuracy.  The ideal solution for surveying both outdoor and indoor scenes, the TerrusS’ award winning WildcatSLAM odometry enables it to succeed in areas where other SLAM systems fail. 

Experience the next generation of mobile SLAM capabilities with the TerrusS today!

Track Every Stage

Combined with the TerrusS’ rapid turn, captured piontclouds can be directly uploaded by surveyors to AutoMap’s free in browser software, Orbisfuse.  Accessible from anywhere in the world,  this software is the ideal way to keep track of progress on site. 

From measuring volumetrics to tracking the amount of vehicles on site,  Preform seamless reality captured audits with AutoMap’s Obrisfuse Software!

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