The Worlds Best In-Class SLAM System Just Got Better!

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11/10/22 Written By Shaun Coghlan

In an unexpected surprise, TerrusM and TerrusS owners were greeted this morning by the thrilling announcement of the system’s second major update since their initial launches. 

Taking to Linked IN, AutoMap’s head engineer reported that “At AutoMap we strive to ensure that our customers will always be working with the best in-class SLAM systems on the market.”

Included in this post was a full list of update notes including the software’s new features and benefits. This list of updates included:

Starting off with the long-awaited prelude to change mapping, the first feature listed in this update is the much-requested addition of Base-mapping. Now, both TerrusM and TerrusS users will be able to select their previous scans to behave as a “Basemap layer” so that subsequent maps can be relocalised from a historical basemap. This is the fundamental tool for users documenting change across large-scale scenes as the difference in scans will be instantly measurable without the need for any post-processing.

Improved capture performance
Drastically improving the capability of the odometric performance, including GPS integration, the latest update allows users to capture accurate map data under more difficult conditions with greater reliability.  An improved GPS integration allows users to collect intermittent RTK GPS data when it’s available, seamlessly transitioning to internal odometry in GPS  ‘dark spots’.

Less Time Waiting!
In news we can all celebrate, the announcement of faster post processing for coloured maps is definitely one to cheer for. Thanks to AutoMap’s latest processing software, surveyors will quickly notice their coloured point clouds will render up to 30% faster than previous installments.  

For more information or to schedule in your system for an update, email your request to: 

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